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GTI works with you to raise equity investment through our network of investors. We work with start-ups, concept stage companies and established brands looking to expand their reach.

Tell us your start-up story, introduce your team and explain your business idea, target market, revenue and exit strategies, as well as how much money you are seeking to raise in exchange for how much equity you are offering. 

We manage the process from start to finish, allowing you to get on with the business of running your business!


Supporting Your Business


We have prepared a systematic set of guidelines and outlined exactly what you need to provide in order to gain investment in your company or brand. If there is anything that we think is missing, we’ll let you know so that you can provide it.

We know what it takes to build a successful business, and we know the questions that investors ask of entrepreneurs they are looking to invest in. By following our guidance and answering these core questions, you will be well on your way to securing the funding you need to get your idea off the ground and take it to the next level.


the process

First... we help get your idea in the best possible shape, ready to present to our network of investors. You might need office space, help with your numbers, real-estate or premises consultancy or assistance growing your team. Our team can help build your business plan ready for investment.

Then... we introduce you to an investor best suited to your business. They might be a local company, a foreign graduate or simply an angel looking to invest some of their own funds. We work with you, matching an investor to your business priorities.

Finally... we prepare all the relevant paperwork and financial agreements protecting your business future and the interests of the investor, managing the whole process from start to conclusion.


our home  

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We are searching for business and brands based in the Isle of Man and United Kingdom. 


Find out more about basing your organisation in the Isle of Man by visiting:

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